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CDL Consultant has been the industry leader for over 16 years on tickets, citations, violations, and roadside inspection reduction, dismissal, and mitigation.

We have successfully reduced or dismissed over 35,000 violations and tickets. We have worked with 10s of thousands of drivers and companies including many top 100 carriers. Since we have been in business we have saved our companies and drivers over $3 million dollars in fines and over 1 million MVR and CSA points.

Our company is operated by people from the trucking industry. Including drivers, dispatchers, brokers, certified safety directors, Operations Analysts, ex DOT officers, and company owners. We have numerous safety awards and credentials to show for our hard work and dedication to the trucking industry and its' drivers.

We understand 1 violation/ 1 ticket can ruin a driver's career and livelihood to support his family. It can also cause nightmares for the companies they drive for. That is why each one of our staff members has completed 100s of hours of training on citation defense and the reduction/dismissal of those citations. We are the nationwide expert on reducing your ticket/violation and then reviewing it for any CSA implication.

Our team is ready to serve you whether you are a company who wants help with their tickets or if you are a driver needing to keep their license clean. There are no tickets too small to cause a big deal to your CDL or your company. We are here to fight for you!

Our approach requires no legal plan, no membership, and no recurring billing. A one time, low fee, will cover almost every issue you encounter on the road!